Friday, 8 April 2016

Cliché Beginnings

"Why do you bother with all this makeup?"

"You look better without it all!"

"Why would you spend so much time on your face?"

From the ages of fourteen to seventeen, I taunted my best friend these insensitive statements nearly every day, determined to change her obsession with makeup, an obsession at the time I deemed unhealthy. 
At the time I was with a guy who hated makeup, he bitched about her 'caked on makeup' to me and I regrettably went along with his disrespect, feeling superior for my foundation-free skin and ability to not give a damn about my appearance. 

In July last year we ended things and I immediately went through the most dramatic transformation imaginable. Over the summer I dropped over 10kg(22lbs); began taking a lot more care in my overall appearance and began to really mature as a person.

Makeup became my new obsession, hundreds of £ a month would fall out of my paycheck and into m.a.c's pocket. Some might think that this 'superficial' change is a stupid reason to be happier, but I am. 
I didn't do it to impress anyone, I did it because I wanted to take control of my life. 

A lot goes around on the internet about makeup being empowering, I disagree, I believe that perusing what you find fun or what improves your outlook on life is what is empowering. 
I now regret with all my heart my judgement to my friend. My gratefulness towards her forgiveness has helped me to progress with my changes I continue to make to my life and my love for her is unconditional.

Makeup, unusual fashion choices and psychology are my main interests and so this blog will be dedicated to my thoughts and loves.